Julie (reallyjulie) wrote in i_made_moonlite,

let me live again

The nights are feeling hopeless
The days are getting longer
My void is getting bigger
The past is catching up

My legs are always restless
My mouth is always dry
The water is tasting bitter
The children cant sleep

The stares are getting longer
The comments more desperate
The beating in my chest is erratic
The pounding in my head constant

What to do, what to do?
There is nothing left to do

Bottles empty, hands empty
stomach empty, soul empty
some 6 billion of us and the world is still fucking empty

Left alone
Left to think
I think iam left alone

I didnt even save a piece

A shell...a shell of a person
thats all that is left

Hold me to your ear and hear the waves that use to roll and the current that use to crash

Close your eyes, hold your breath
make me real again, make me whole again

Let me live again
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