tired of being mild (salomes_pimp) wrote in i_made_moonlite,
tired of being mild

Baby, Blues

I sit, sweltering, in the summer
Smoldering, in the Georgia, baby, Blues
Sing to me through the white washed sky
Humidity meeting with gluttony
To suck more from my lips
To coax more from my eyes

It's one of those days
That's grown so common place
For me
Missing you
Missing everything about you
That reminds me why
I've grown so grateful for meditation
For the low moan eyes closed realization
Of your arms around me
Of your lips against my neck
Or better yet
My fingertips
Tracing a path across your back
. (Angel wings)
Moving through orbits on your arms
. (Dodging stars)
And Mother Mary's smiling
As your lips show me god.

I think that even though I thought
That thoughts would be too much
I've found a common ground between
The distance and the touch
And I'm stuck somewhere between the
Wanting you here
And wanting me there
On the public transit bus going from
Heartache to Forever
From Atlanta to Where ever
From my heart
To home

Listen, baby, Blues
Beats through the window from the train
From the stage coach boxcar beauty
From the get-to-you-in-days
And I think I'll hop a car
Yeah, I think I'll let 'em roll
Let the summer take its toll
On someone else's unsuspecting lips

The train dips
And I rise
And I open my eyes
And reality seems bitter
As you seem closer here to me
Oh baby


Baby, blues
May be my lullaby for now
But soon
Love songs will be lulling me to dream
In your arms
. (Dodging stars)
Moving fingers down your back
. (Angel wings)
And Mother Mary's smiling
As your lips show me love.

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